The SODA story

Josh Miller & Steph Claire Smith Soda Shades Eyewear

SODA; The brand you didn’t even know you were thirsty for. The taste of summer, the look of a sun-daze. 

Traveling the world & chasing Summer, we like to see things differently. We also love to text each other… So it seemed only fitting to combine the two. With Soda, you can chat to us whenever you like by simply saving our details and hitting send. 

Soda Shades was created February 2018 by Stephanie Smith & Josh Miller and two of their pals. Launching with 4 hero styles and a 5th style April 1st, the sunglass brand from Australia is all about allowing their consumers to have fun while looking rad.

Texts are frequent, shades are sick. 

 Steph Claire Smith Soda Shades Eyewear Sunglasses

Hey; Steph & Josh here. 

Sunnies are something we never leave home without. Or if we do, we steal each others. We wanted to create a brand that allowed us to show our own style & then share it with you.

We’re constantly seeing new things we love & try and talk about it across our socials. Want to be part of the design process? Stay tuned - @stephclairesmith & @josh.a.miller

“Let us take you somewhere you want to go. Somewhere you want to be. And most importantly, somewhere you want to see.” 

 Josh Miller Soda Shades Eyewear  Sunglasses

The First Round:

You know when you’re at a bar and someone says, first round is on me? The best feeling ever, right? 

While our first round isn’t completely on us, it is packed with our favourites. 


Frames that are simple yet complimentary. 

Colours that suit everyone, yet stand out.

Polarised so well that you can stare at anyone (secretly). 

And last but not least, quality. Travel safe, backseat of car safe, Josh’s pocket safe. 

 Steph Smith Soda Shades Eyewear Florence

Meet our favourites;

Florence, Marilyn, Shelby, Hazel & Riley. Read more about them, here. 

Loving the fizz that is Soda? Don’t worry, there are more flavours to come.

Want to be part of the Soda Family? Make sure you’ve text us & saved us to your phone.

Text 😎 to register: 
AUS 🇦🇺+61 488 824 754 
US 🇺🇸+1 917 444 9604 
CA 🇨🇦+1 437 370 3878 
Rest of World 🏳️‍🌈+44 793 794 7704